Inspection Trip Turkey

We recommend you to try our free inspection trip. On this trip, we will ensure that you can find your favorite property within a maximum of 4 days, because we carefully prepare some properties based on your needs before you arrive in Turkey.

Step 1 – Transfer:

Upon your arrival at the airport, we will transport you to a luxury apartment that we have prepared it with accommodation and full facilities. You will also be able to use all site amenities such as Swimming Pools, Gym, Sauna and Turkish Hammam for free.

Step 2 – Introduction:

One of our property advisers will visit you at the apartment the day after your arrival for introduction meeting. The agent will take you to the office and guide you how to purchase a property in Turkey. The realtor will also explain to you about our company’s services during and after buying a property in Turkey.

Our company provides you with a private property consultant to assist you throughout your stay in Turkey. This property consultant also shows you the properties and describes the city and its facilities.

Step 3 – Property Viewing:

After you have chosen your favorite area for living, your private property consultant focuses on the properties in the area according your wishes. The real estate consultant will show you only properties that meet your requirements. You can visit at least 8 properties per day.

You can also visit a property several times, all documents related to those properties are also available for you.

Step 4 – Purchase Process:

After you have chosen your dream home and getting familiar with the laws of buying a property in Turkey, we plan to do procedures of buying property. We will first receive a Tax Number from the Turkish Tax Office and we will open a bank account for you in one of the Turkish Banks. All administrative matters related to the registration of property document in the name of the buyer will be performed by us.

It should be noted that all the steps mentioned above will be free of charge to you, if for any reason you don’t want to purchase a property, we will not receive the transfer fee from the airport and the accommodation fee that was given to you. Even your transport to the airport will be operated by us without charge.

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